Accessibility arrangements for GL Ready

Last updated: 03.04.2019

Known browser support

This website has been tested and works on various operating systems and a wide range of browsers.  A list of the supported browsers can be found below:

Windows 10

  • Internet Explorer 11: build 11.0.10240.16384 1
  • Edge: builds 42.17134 & 44.17763
  • Firefox: versions 64.x & 65.x
  • Chrome: versions 71 & 72


  • Chrome: versions 71 & 72


  • Safari: versions 12.0.x & 12.1.x 2 


  • Chrome: versions 71 & 72


1 This is the only build of IE11 supported on Windows 10

2 The Safari versions are tied to the iOS version

You should also ensure that Javascript is enabled and your browser window is maximised.

If a page does not display correctly, try clearing the browser’s cache or updating to the most current version of your browser.

Changing your browser settings

If you have any difficulty using the internet or have any accessibility issues, most modern browser settings can now be changed. Please check your preferred browser's help page for specific instructions on how to change your settings.

Screen sizes

This site has been designed to work with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 (100% zoom) for students and 1366x768 (100% zoom) for all admin pages.

Maintaining an accessible site is an on-going process, so if you have any problems using this website, or comments you would like to make, please contact us at